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Virginia Asphalt Paving offers affordable residential & commercial crack filling, asphalt patching, asphalt sealcoating, and striping in Loudoun County, Fairfax County, Prince William County, Arlington County, Alexandria and surrounding areas.

Sealcoating a parking lot or driveway can offer some benefits.  You should sealcoat asphalt the pavement to extend the life of the pavement.  Asphalt driveway cracks can result from a number of reasons including extreme weather, tree roots, poor drainage, oxidation from the sun, excessive weight.  Cold weather can cause asphalt to contract and crack. In hot weather the sun and heat can cause the asphalt to fade and increase deterioration of the surface.   The sun’s ultraviolet rays and oxygen in the air can cause asphalt damage, making it brittle. Brittle asphalt can crack, thus allowing water to enter the paved surface.  Freeze thaw cycles are also a common reason your driveway or parking lot begins forming cracks or even worse, alligator cracks.   Furthermore, moisture from the rain or snow can cause water seepage and cause your driveway or parking lot to crack. Sealcoating is a waterproofing agent. It minimizes the rate at which water enters the asphalt.   Sealcoating prevents the seepage of water and moisture.  Sealcoating seals the asphalt pavement thus preventing oxidation and erosion.  Sealcosting also prevents gas, diesel fuel, oil, salt and chemical penetration which  will break down the bond between the aggregate and the liquid asphalt.

Sealcoating gives a fresh look and also extends the life of your driveway.  Seal coating minimizes the water that enters the pavement thus preventing cracks. At Virginia Asphalt Paving, we use quality material that extend the life of your driveway, parking lot or pavement.

Asphalt Striping and Marking

Virginia Asphalt Paving can provides striping and marking.

  • Paint Striping & Pavement Marking
  • Commercial parking lot striping and marking
  • Handicap parking space marking
  • Fire lane striping
  • Renew parking lot lines

Benefits of Seal Coating

  • Extends the life of the driveway and parking lot by preventing the asphalt from hardening, cracking and breaking
  • Seal coating is a cost-effective way of repairing or surfacing the existing pavement
  • Your driveway will have a smooth, sleek appearance, especially if crack and holes are properly filled before seal coating is applied.
  • Sealing protects the driveway from moisture, salts, chemicals, etc. from entering the pavement


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